Courtney Love’s Got “99 Problems” (And You Know the Rest)

We know Hole frontwoman Courtney Love as the “Goddess of Grunge.” But, as it turns out, the notorious online ranter also knows her way around a hip-hop tune or two. Check out this footage of the singer performing Jay-Z 2003 club banger “99 Problems” during an intimate gig at the Sundance Film Festival in Utah…

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Frances Bean Cobain Engaged To Kurt Cobain Lookalike

Frances Bean Cobain Getting Married

All those professional celebrity psychologists are going to have a Field Day with this one: Frances Bean Cobain has been going out with Isaiah Silva, frontman for the Los Angeles band The Rambles, for almost two years, and Yep, he looks more than a little bit like her late dad, Kurt Cobain. So that’s a…

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Courtney Love Tell-All Book Picked Up HarperCollins

Well, this should be good and entertaining. WM Morrow Books, a division of publishing magnate HarperCollins, has inked an agreement to publish a Courtney Love memoir — a tell-all book described as a no-holds-barred look into the musician’s life from childhood to the present day.

“Crackhead” Jibe Sets Off Kelly Osbourne Courtney Love Feud

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Catfight! Courtney Love launched an online attack on Kelly Osbourne over the weekend after the rock princess referred to her old friend as a “crackhead” on the E! TV show Fashion Police. Courtney didn’t see the show, but after hearing about the slur via text message she took to the internet for one of her…

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