Casey Anthony Loses One Job Offer, but ‘Experts’ Say There Will Be More


Aww. Sad panda. Casey Anthony, who was recently cleared of killing her young daughter Caylee, has one fewer tawdry get-rich-quick opportunity. Just yesterday, porn kingpin Steve Hirsch, co-chairman of XXX company Vivid Entertainment, reached out to Anthony’s attorney with an offer of a “business relationship.” So dignified. Like the way hookers call their johns “clients”…

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The Sad, Scary-Skinny Decline of LeAnn Rimes


Remember when LeAnn Rimes was famous for singing? The little 13-year-old yodeling sprite burst onto the scene years ago and everyone was all “she’s Patsy Cline reincarnated!” and she had a nice voice and she was a nice girl who eventually married a nice boy and had a very nice career. Remember that? It was…

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