Cindy McCain Cheating Scandal (Cindy McCain Kissing Man Photo)


Cindy McCain Affair – Photo Kissing Another Man The National Enquirer has sparked speculation that Cindy McCain, the woman who almost became America’s new First Lady, has been having an affair and cheating on her husband of more than two decades, Arizona senator John McCain.

Cindy McCain John McCain “Rachael Ray” Video (September 22)

Republican presidential candidate John McCain and his wife Cindy shared a laugh as they held up an apron reading, “Kiss The Candidate,” during an appearance on The Rachael Ray Show this morning. Senator McCain whipped up a batch of his BBQ ribs especially for the show.

John McCain Cindy McCain “The View” Video (September 12)

John and Cindy McCain talked politics with the ladies of The View on Friday. And while “becoming a slave again” was a big cause of concern for Whoopi, the fate of Roe vs. Wade and a woman’s right to choose was a focal point of discussion.

Cindy McCain Wrist Sprain Handshake

McCain 2008 Cindy McCain

The wife of Republican presidential candidate John McCain was treated for a minor wrist sprain after an enthusiastic supporter gave her a firm handshake at a campaign event in Michigan on Wednesday.