Christian Bale Rant Remix “Bale Out” (DJ RevoLucian Audio)

Extreme Language. Very NSFW! Well, you knew it was coming. The profanity-laced Christian Bale rant that shocked fans on Monday has gone viral and has now been turned into a funky trance remix by Los Angeles-based DJ, RevoLucian. The track is called “Bale Out.”

Christian Bale Tirade “The TODAY Show” Video (36 F-Bombs)

The audio of Dark Knight star verbally assaulting a co-worker on the set of Terminator: Salvation last Summer was a hot topic of debate on The TODAY Show on Tuesday. The on-the-set rant came about after the film’s director of photography, Shane Hurlbut, accidentally entered Christian’s sight-line during filming. According to TODAY, the 35-year-old actor…

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Christian Bale Denies Mother Sister Assault Claims

Christian Bale leaves the police station in Central London on Tuesday. Christian Bale has denied assault allegations levied against him by own his mother and sister. The actor is accused of lashing out at his 40 year-old sister Sharon and his mother Jenny, 60, in his hotel suite at the Park Lane’s Dorchester Hotel on…

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