“Leave Britney Alone!” YouTuber Chris Crocker Now A Pornstar

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Anyone remember Chris Crocker? His now infamously tearful “Leave Britney Alone!” rant has been viewed more than 39 million times in the past four years. The androgynous dude who cried when the world was mean to a pop princess and shot straight to hysterical YouTube fame is looking very manly these days — Well, as…

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Chris Crocker Slams Chris Brown Fans

Chris Crocker says, “Leave Rihanna Alone!” Ever since Rihanna made the courageous to speak out to 20/20’s Diane Sawyer about the night she was assaulted by former flame Chris Brown last February, the R&B crooner and his delusional nuthuggers acid-tongued teen harem have verbally battered her for it in a barrage of online attacks. Well,…

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Chris Crocker “Mind In The Gutter” (Audio)

The YouTuber who pleaded with the world to “Leave Britney Alone” is offering the singer some competition on the pop charts. Serving up yet another sign that Hell is freezing over, Chris Crocker, a 2007 Internet sensation, is taking his self-proclaimed “tranny ass” into the recording studio to put down some tracks on his upcoming…

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Chris Crocker Crotch Shot


After admitting to posing for nude photos, Britney Spears STAN Chris Crocker recently stimulated his own variation of a Britster Crotch Shot. Not Safe For Work After The Jump