Britney Parties In New York City In A Bikini


With temperatures in New York City well below freezing, Britney Spears left her boys at the hotel where the small family has been staying since the kickoff of New York’s Fashion Week two weeks ago to hit up Club One Little West Twelve in a white busboy jacket and a bikini on Sunday night.

Not-So-Blind Items

Nothing gets my morning started off better than some good old fashioned blind items, courtesy of Page Six: – WHICH desperate housewife (not from the show) who lives with her well-born, wealthy husband in New Jersey just bought an apartment off Fifth Avenue? She uses the pad for rendezvous with her lover of three years,…

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An Open Letter To Lindsay’s Appendix


Dear Lohan Appendix: How are you? When I heard that you were the cause of Lindsay’s latest “me time” in the hospital, I immediately jumped to conclusions that you must have been very, very bad. Toxic, even. I mean, I’ve had my own appendix removed and let me tell you, you little suckers may be…

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