Britney Spears Wants Kate Middleton To Wear Her Lingerie Line


What fashion designer wouldn’t want their clothes to be wore by Duchess Kate Middleton. Every outfit she wears becomes the new trend and sells out of stores in a flash. Britney Spears is traveling the world to launch her new lingerie collection—Intimate Britney Spears, described as being “inspired by romance and elegance of a time gone…

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10 Celebrity Facial Hair Trainwrecks

beard gibson

No one knows what causes otherwise good-looking, popular stars to irrationally cultivate dodgy facial hair. Some say it is to do with the movement of the stars and the tides, others that they have reached a plateau of masculine style far beyond normal comprehension. We think they are chumps. 10. Brad Pitt Here’s the scenario:…

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Whitney’s Panties Strike It Big At Tuesday’s Auction

What was left of Whitney Houston’s 1999 World Tour hit the auction block on Tuesday. The R&B diva fell more than $175,000 behind in storage bills to the Irvington, New Jersey facility where the items were held for nearly eight years. A court order gave the storage company permission to open an auction to the…

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Newsflash: Madonna poses in provocative positions

The ever-morphing Madonna is going to pose in provocative position in the June issue of W mag. Am I having a flashback? Apparently not. Madonna, here in the 2006, will be featured by W mag in a 58-page spread. Big surprise, she will be reprising her earlier selves as an English horse-rider, “material girl” and…

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Posh Spice actually has a talent – just one

I was never a big Spice Girl fan. Too cavity-inducing sweet for me. (Although I DID sorta like that “Holla” song. Guilty pleasure) But while the other Spice Girls have dropped off the face of the “the people we give a shit about” world, Victoria “Posh” Beckham has emerged as a fashion icon and celebrity…

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