Duchess Sarah Ferguson On “Celebrity Rehab?”


Duchess Sarah Ferguson — “The Original Fergie” — has a perfectly good explanation for why she was caught on video accepting money in exchange for access to her the father of her children, Prince Andrew: She was drunk! And that’s precisely why she’d be the perfect trainwreck candidate for rehabilitation on VH1’s dead-in-the-water Celebrity Rehab…

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“Celebrity Rehab” Season 4 Postponed

Dr Drew Celebrity Rehab 4

Well what do you know — Hollywood isn’t as wacked out as originally thought. Production has been halted on the upcoming fourth season of VH1’s Celebrity Rehab due to the lack of famous drug addicts willing to detox in front of millions of Americans, TMZ said late Monday. The search is on for more D-list…

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Jason Wahler Joining Tila Tequila On “Celebrity Rehab 4″

Dr. Drew has reportedly talked someone into joining Tila Tequila on the next season of Celebrity Rehab — which is teetering dangerously close to being cancelled by VH1 after a series of casting mishaps. Word is Lauren Conrad’s ex-flame, former reality rich Jason Wahler, is the newest addition to the fourth season of the addiction-themed…

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Tila Tequila On “Celebrity Rehab”


The celebrity trainwreck commonly referred to as Tila Tequila may be getting back on track after signing up to star on the next season of Celebrity Rehab, TMZ.com tattles. After a year of scantily-clad and bizarre meltdowns, the bisexual Internet pin-up has agreed to clean up her act on the small screen following the death…

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