Man Pays $150K To Look Like Kim Kardashian- YIKES!


So we all saw the tragedy of a man who wasted a shit load of money¬†to look like Justin Bieber. Scary. Now we bring you the story of a man who payed wayyyyy too much money to look like Kim Kardashian. This is just crazy and disturbing. One Kim Kardashian is enough for 10 lifetimes.…

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10 Celebrity Facial Hair Trainwrecks

beard gibson

No one knows what causes otherwise good-looking, popular stars to irrationally cultivate dodgy facial hair. Some say it is to do with the movement of the stars and the tides, others that they have reached a plateau of masculine style far beyond normal comprehension. We think they are chumps. 10. Brad Pitt Here’s the scenario:…

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Celebrity photos

Below are some compelling photos I’ve stumbled across in my travels through the World Wide Web. I find these female celebs particularly fascinating for various reasons. Enjoy. Aside: I fell sadly behind on my blog and needed to catch up, quick. Don’t judge me monkey!