Carnie Wilson Fired As Fresh Diet Pitchwoman

Carnie Wilson Kicked Off Diet Plan

Carnie Wilson was in for a rude awakening after she tried to have her cheesecake and eat it too while working as a pitchwoman for a food-delivery service. The former host of The Newlywed Game has lost another lucrative gig — the time as the face and body of The Fresh Diet — after company…

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Carnie Wilson Leaving “The Newlywed Game”

Carnie Wilson Leaves Newlywed Game

Honeymoon’s over for Carnie Wilson — the Wilson-Phillips singer is bowing out as host of Game Show Network’s (GSN) The Newlywed Game after two seasons at the show’s helm. “Carnie Wilson has been a member of the GSN family for the last two years,” GSN said in statement announcing Wilson’s departure on Thursday. “She will…

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Carnie Wilson Reality Show: “Carnie Wilson: Unstapled” Jan. 2010


You knew it was coming. After showing her 1999 obesity surgery online, Wilson-Phillips singer-songwriter Carnie Wilson has never shied away from sharing her life with the public. And that’s exactly why she’ll be debuting a reality TV series, set for premiere early next year. Carnie Wilson: Unstapled – a play on candid Carnie’s famous gastric-bypass…

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