Shia LaBeouf Carey Mulligan Breakup?


Stick a fork in ‘em: Add Young Hollywood cuties Shia LaBeouf and Carey Mulligan to the brigade of celebrity couples giving Cupid in the finger. Word on The Curb has it that Carey has moved back to her native Britain after cooling her relationship with LaBeouf. Apparently, Autumn is not the season for lovers.

Carey Mulligan “Glee” Reject

Carey Mulligan Rejected By Glee

Carey Mulligan is featured on the cover of the October issue Vogue, and has even been nominated for an Oscar, but apparently the star’s still not famous enough to appear on Glee.

Carey Mulligan As Eliza Doolittle In “My Fair Lady” Remake

Carey Mulligan My Fair Lady Remake Eliza Doolittle Role

Academy Award nominee Carey Mulligan has been tapped to play Eliza Doolittle — a role first made famous by Audrey Hepburn — in a upcoming remake of My Fair Lady. The 24-year-old actress – who’s up for a Best Actress Oscar at next month’s Academy Awards — is believed to be in talks with the…

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