Kimberly Stewart Dumps Tommy Lee For Lindsay Ex Calum Best?

Rod Stewart spawned socialite Kimberly Stewart was photographed hanging out with Lindsay Lohan’s ex-boyfriend, and her own former flame, Calum Best. Calum is rumored to be desperately trying to rekindle his recent romance with rehabbed actress Lindsay Lohan-even buying the ‘Herbie Reloaded’ star a lavish diamond necklace for her twenty-first birthday last week. Kimbo, on…

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Lindsay Lohan Breaks Up With Calum Best

Currently rehabbing actress Lindsay Lohan has stopped returning badboy BF Calum Best’s phone calls since the leak of his cocaine-laced orgy with a pair of bargain-basement streetwalkers in Britain.

Calum Follows Lindsay To Rehab

Lindsay Lohan’s on/off boyfriend Calum Best has announced that he is following her to rehab after a British newspaper published images of the playboy allegedly taking drugs with prostitutes.