Nude Brooke Hogan Playboy Magazine Deal Goes South


Brooke Hogan is keeping her clothes on. (Thank you, GOD.) The 20-year-old VH1 reality personality has turned down an offer to pose nude in Playboy Magazine. “Brooke just didn’t feel that it was the right time,” her rep tells “It’s not out of the question for the future, but we’ll have to see.”

Brooke Hogan “Tyra” Video (October 3)

On Friday’s episode of The Tyra Banks Show, VH1 reality star Brooke Hogan opened up about her incarcerated brother, Nick, her parents’ messy divorce, and mom Linda Hogan’s affair with a teenage boy.

“Who Is Sarah Palin?” Brooke Hogan Asks

Brooke Hogan has no idea who Sarah Palin is. The VH1 reality star appeared puzzled when quizzed about her views on the uber-conservative Republican Vice Presidential candidate in a new interview with the Defamer. “Oh, that’s really bad that I don’t know that, isn’t it?” Brooke replied. “Everybody knows though that I’m not very keen…

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