Bristol Palin Earned Nearly $300K As Teen Pregnancy Awareness Spokeswoman

Bristol Palin $300K Salary

Getting knocked up at 17 has become more lucrative for Infamous unwed mom Bristol Palin than working at a Fortune 500 company. The celebuspawn of politico Sarah Palin made a cool $262,000 in 2009 for her work as a public speaker helping to raise awareness about teen pregnancy.

Bristol Palin Book “Not Afraid Of Life” Summer 2011

Will you read Bristol Palin’s autobiography? She’s barely old enough to vote and she still can’t walk into a Las Vegas hotspot and order her own Cosmopolitan, but at 20 years young, Bristol Palin’s convinced the folks at HarperCollins that she’s lived just long enough to share her life story.

Bristol Palin Book Expected In June

Bristol Palin Writing Book

Another Palin is trying her hand at writing; as if listening to them speak wasn’t distressing enough! If Justin Bieber’s old enough to star in a movie about his life, then at the ripe old age of 20, Bristol Palin’s more than ready to spill the secrets of hers between the covers of a memoir.…

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Maricopa Neighborhood Seething Over Arrival Of Bristol Palin

Comedian Tracy Morgan may count The Palin Women among the best “masturbation material” available on the Web, but one neighborhood in Maricopa, Arizona is anything but ecstatic about the pending arrival of one of America’s most controversial political families.