Bristol Palin Sports Some New Ink


Bristol Palin — daughter, mother, endless source of scorn for Mercede Johnston — was recently spotted with a new tattoo on the top of her right foot.

Bristol Palin & “Her Adult Eyes” Sit Down With Dr. Drew

Anyone catch Bristol Palin’s primetime special on HLN’s Dr. Drew? Bristol, perhaps the nation’s most-talked about single mother, appeared on last night’s show, where she chatted about her new jaw, her relationship with her controversial mother, and what she calls the biggest regret of her life: Losing her virginity to baby daddy Levi Johnston during…

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Levi Johnston’s Sister Mercede Posed for ‘Playboy’


The Palins and the Johnstons just continue to put the K in klassy. It’s now confirmed that the sister of Bristol Palin’s babydaddy, Levi Johnston, will be the subject of a four-page nude pictorial that will run alongside a wordy profile of Sarah Palin and her family in the September issue of Playboy.