Bill Maher Wants Candidates to Sign HIS Pledge [VIDEO]

When Bill Maher did his usual “New Rules” segment at the end of Friday night’s “Real Time,” he brought up the silly pledges GOP political candidates have been signing — everything from Grover Norquist’s inane “no new taxes ever ever ever even if it means the country implodes in on itself ever” pledge all the…

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‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ Panel Like a Surrealist Cocktail Party


If the panel on Friday night’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” had all been guests at the same party, you’d likely spend the evening talking to three of them while wishing something heavy would fall on the fourth. Joining Bill was frequent MSNBC contributor and The Nation editor Chris Hayes, author Amanda Foreman, Cher’s daughter-turned-son…

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Zach Galifiankis Marijuana-Smoking With Bill Maher! [VIDEO]

Zach Galifiankis, star of box office comedies like The Hangover and Due Date, has been a smokin’-hot topic of conservation around The Watercooler this Halloween Weekend — ever since he leisurely lit up a joint and got blazed on the set of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher on Friday!

15 Greatest Proponents of Marijuana Legalization


Some celebrities are more forthcoming with their love of weed than others — ahem, Willie Nelson — but you might be surprised at a few that fight for the drug’s legalization.