Donald Trump Bill Cosby Feud Heats Up

Donald Trump vs. Bill Cosby

Hold on to your pudding pops: It’s Donald vs. Rosie — The Geriatic Edition! Four years after blasting comedienne Rosie O’Donnell in a public war of words that went on for weeks, billionaire real estate magnate Donald Trump — a potential Republican candidate for The White House in 2012 (Insert eye-rolling here…) — is at…

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Bill Cosby Blasts “Hurtful” Twitter Death Hoaxes

You’re nobody ’till somebody kills you on the Internet — but after the fourth time, it gets a little old. Just ask Bill Cosby. Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy

Bill Cosby Barks At Publicist During Interview

Veteran actor and comedian Bill Cosby lost his temper with a publicist during a live interview on Thursday. Cosby, doing interviews to promote the Playboy Jazz Festival, was being questioned by The Associated Press about parenting in the Black community when an employee interrupted him.

Bill Cosby Dead?

Bill Cosby Death Hoax

Comedy legend Bill Cosby, 73, didn’t pass away on Saturday — although a few devious Tweeters would have you believe otherwise: “Bill Cosby was found by his wife Camille passed out on his recliner while watching TV in his Shelburne Massachusetts home. She discovered he wasn’t breathing and called 911. He was rushed to Baystate…

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