Cher Rips Donald Trump On Twitter

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Donald Trump’s floating on Cloud Nine this Wednesday after “single-handedly convincing” (ie: Bullying) President Barack Obama to release a copy of his birth certificate. Cher, on the other hand, wishes he’d just shut up.

Barack Obama Birth Certificate Revealed In AM Press Conference

Obama Birth Certificate

Score One for Team Obama. In a morning press conference Wednesday, President Barack Obama tried to put the kibosh on the so-called “Birther” melodrama by releasing a long-form copy of his illusive birth certificate. According to official documentation on file in the State of Hawaii, Obama made his big debut in Honolulu on the evening…

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Obama Re-Election Campaign 2012 Off To Early Start

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Funny how times flies when you’re in a recession! It seems like only yesterday the nation was bickering over the geographical distance between Russia and Alaska, who’s birth certificate was where, and how many newspapers and magazines Sarah Palin couldn’t rattle off in…

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Matt Damon Slams President Obama

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Matt Damon no longer subscribes to the audacity of hope…Or any of the other promises Barack Obama made as he hit the campaign trail in pursuit of The White House back in 2008.

Obama Palin Archie Comics Faceoff

Obama Palin Archie Faceoff

President Barack Obama and Sarah Palin guest star in a two-part political Archie Comics political epic — “Campaign Pain” — arriving on newsstands this week.