Mary-Kate Olsen Ashely Olsen Not Speaking, Separate Business Meetings

Looks like we’ve got another case of Dear Abby vs. Ann Landers on our hands. The Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen have fueled rumors that they are no longer on speaking terms after the sisters reportedly organized separate business meetings to discuss their clothing line so they won’t have to see each other. “All meetings for…

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Mary-Kate Ashley Olsen Bonnaroo Music Festival Video 22nd Birthday

PETA was planning a hair-raising B-Day for the Olsen Twins, instead the billionaires ended up celebrating a mellow 22nd birthday in Manchester, Tennessee. Here’s a video of Mary-Kate and Ashley dancing at the Bonnaroo Music Festival over the weekend.

PETA Olsen Twins Birthday Hair-Sending Campaign

People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals continues its “Trollsen Twins Hate Campaign” this Summer. PETA is inviting animal lovers to send clumps of their hair to the fur-wearing Mary-Kate and Ashley in celebration of the twins’ twenty-second b-day this Friday (June 13th). Gotta love PETA-now there’s a group that really knows how to spoil…

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