Maria Shriver Leaked News Of Schwarzenegger Love Child To Media

Maria Leaked Arnold Love Child News

Bet’cha didn’t see this coming….Goss Gawkers reportedly have former California First Lady Maria Shriver to thank for dropping dime on her estranged husband’s dalliances. Shriver was so livid when she learned that ex-Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger knocked up the couple’s Plain Jane housekeeper with a son that was born mere days before the youngest of their…

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“South Park” Pokes Fun At Schwarzenegger Sex Scandal

South Park Schwarzenegger Spoof

Too soon? The team at Spirit Airlines aren’t the only folks getting an earlier start on reveling in Arnold and Maria’s maid-driven marriage breakdown. Wednesday night’s installment of Comedy Central’s longrunning animated comedy South Park spoofed Arnold Schwarzenegger’s juicy affair — barely three days after the former California governor copped to knocking up his mistress…

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Maria Shriver Hires Divorce Attorney Laura Wasser

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Maria Shriver has retained the services of a high-powered divorce attorney as the world reacts to the revelation that her husband, former actor and California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, impregnanted their maid of 20 years, Mildred “Patty” Baena in their Brentwood home back in 1997.

Schwarzenegger-Shriver Sex Scandal Already The Butt Of Jokes

Just a day after news broke that Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered a child with a former staffer and the jokes are already pouring in. Just ask the folks at Spirit Airlines. The corporation is well-known for its Ripped-from-the Headlines-esque adverts, but these time they’ve found themselves at the center of a debate about taste after taking…

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