Hitler Disappointed With Apple iPad

Not sure what to make of this parody — but we guess it just goes to show how disappointed some folks are about the features of Apple’s new tablet computer. It was one of the most highly-anticipated gadgets to debut in recent memory, but not everyone was impressed when Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled The…

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Apple iPad

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The Apple iPad There it is. The Apple iPad. Looks like people are going to need bigger pockets. Maybe we’ll see a new line of clothes specifically designed with oversized iPad pockets;-) Wired goes so far as to say that the iPad will change our kids lives.

Live Online Coverage Of Apple Event – iPad Announcement

Since everyone is supposedly going to have one of these new Apple iPad Tablet devices (or whatever they’re called) we figured we’d jump on the bandwagon and offer some coverage here at PopCrunch. If you’re into the hype, here are 5 places online to get live coverage of the current Apple conference: Gizmodo’s Apple Tablet…

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