Antonella’s A Naughty Schoolteacher

When the bogus blow job pics failed to undermine her American Idol pursuits, Antonella Barba’s shadow dropped this new flick of the soon-to-be “Idol” castoff playing the role of naughty schoolteacher vixen.

Antonella Barba Imposter

It appears that the naughty flicks of Antonella Barba blowing some guy while sporting a Kool-Aid stain on her tongue aren’t photos of the “American Idol” finalist. While it appears that the Jersey native was still posing nearly ass naked atop the World War II Memorial in the Washington, the alleged sex tape cap shots…

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American Idol Tries To Cover Up and Suppress Antonella Barba Scandal

Antonella Barba at the WWII Memorial Fountain Two converging lines of evidence are making it clear that American Idol is going all out to keep the Antonella Barba scandal from reaching a boiling point. The first line of evidence comes from several individuals including PopCrunch reader Stacy who describes the hard-core censoring that’s going on…

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The Antonella Barba Controversy Grows

It turns out that many of the sexy photos taken of Antonella Barba (including the one above) were taken at the WWII memorial. That’s just disgraceful and thoughtless. The irony is that it’s a slap in the face of a real American icon: a memorial that will be around forever representing the people who died…

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