‘Real Time with Bill Maher’ Panel Like a Surrealist Cocktail Party


If the panel on Friday night’s “Real Time with Bill Maher” had all been guests at the same party, you’d likely spend the evening talking to three of them while wishing something heavy would fall on the fourth. Joining Bill was frequent MSNBC contributor and The Nation editor Chris Hayes, author Amanda Foreman, Cher’s daughter-turned-son…

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Joy Behar Ann Coulter Faceoff “Larry King Live” Feb. 2009

Joy Behar, The View’s laugh out loud liberal, filled in for Larry King on Thursday night’s edition of Larry King Live, and her special guest was none other than conservative chatterbox Ann Coulter. Watch as the two opinionated ladies spar on a variety of social issues in this video from last night’s show.

Ann Coulter “The View” Video (01/12/09)

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter hopped into a heated debate with the ladies of The View on Monday when she appeared on the ABC morning chatfest to promote Guilty: Liberal “Victims” and Their Assault on America, her controversial new book blasting The Obamas.

Ann Coulter “The TODAY Show” Video (01/07/09)


Conservative fruitcake Ann Coulter got to have her say on The TODAY Show this week, after all. Despite rumors that the commentator had been banned from NBC, TODAY’s Matt Lauer spoke with Ann about President-Elect Obama and her new book, Guilty: Liberal Victims and Their Assault on America , on Wednesday.

Ann Coulter “The Early Show” Video (01/06/09)

In her latest book, Guilty: Liberal ‘Victims’ and Their Assault on America, available on Tuesday, conservative commentator Ann Coulters charges that liberals in America “try to play victim when really, they’re the bullies.” The phrase “B@tch, please!” spring to mind, but let’s hear her out. “(The book is) basically about how victimhood is rewarded and…

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