Amy Winehouse Clothing Line For Fred Perry

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One of these things is not like the others: 1.) Fashion; 2.) Style; 3.) Amy Winehouse….. Grammy-winning jazz/soul star Amy Winehouse has inked a two-year deal to collaborate with British fashion house Fred Perry on a clothing line that will debut in stores this October, Women’s Wear Daily said Thursday.

Amy Winehouse Planning To Remarry Blake Fielder-Civil In Las Vegas

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Will second time be the charm for Crackhouse and her whacked out ex? Amy Winehouse is reportedly set to tie the knot with jailbird former husband Blake Fielder-Civil in a Las Vegas ceremony….just as soon as the heroin addict wraps up his latest stint in rehab! Ain’t love grand?

Amy Winehouse, The Scientologist?

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Club TomKat may soon welcome two new members: Trouble-prone singer Amy Winehouse is considering embracing Scientology after learning that her ex-husband, best known as “Blake Incarcerated,” is planning to do so after wrapping his latest stint in rehab.

Amy Winehouse Buying $3.7 Million Mansion In Camden


There Goes The Neighborhood: Wildchild jazz songstress Amy Winehouse is spending big bucks for a new pad in her old ‘hood. The walking health hazard has reportedly forked over $3.7 million for a five-bedroom, four-bath pad in her former neighborhood of Camden, London’s The Sun wrote this week.

Amy Winehouse’s Eleven Cats Dumped At Animal Shelter

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Wino’s pussies have been sent packing! Last year, Grammy-winning singer Amy Winehouse decided to replace her well-publicized crack addiction with an addiction to all-things feline. The “Rehab” hitmaker managed to fill her London flat with eleven cats over the past few months. But now that she’s returned to the Caribbean to work on her long-delayed…

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Amy Winehouse Bisexual?

Amy Winehouse Is Bisexual

Amy Winehouse is bisexual — at least that’s the word from one of her pals. The “Back to Black” singer – who recently reconciled with ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil – reportedly told a friend that she has had relationships with women as well as men.

Amy Winehouse To Remarry Blake Fielder-Civil In Caribbean Ceremony

Cracked-out songstress Amy Winehouse will say “I Do” and ex-husband Blake Fielder-Civil in an intimate wedding ceremony on the Caribbean island of St. Lucia, sources tell The Mirror. The couple will head to the Caribbean for a second wedding as soon as Blake — an admitted heroin addict –completes drug rehabilitation next month, the new…

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Amy Winehouse Charged With Assault

Amy Winehouse has been charged with assault in connection with last weekend’s “crotch-kicking at the panto,” police in Britain said Wednesday. The star is alleged to have attacked a 27-year-old theater manager after he chided her for disrupting a children’s performance of Cinderella with foul-mouthed heckling on Saturday night.

Amy Winehouse Kicks Man In Crotch

Oh Amy……..Grammy-winning jazz songstress Amy Winehouse could face assault charges after allegedly kneeing a British theater manager in the groin because he asked the “Back To Black” hitmaker to stop shouting obscenities during a Christmas show for children.

Amy Winehouse Blake Fielder-Civil Engaged

Wino’s hoping love with Blake Incarcerated will be sweeter the second time around. Amy Winehouse’s ex-husband, Blake Fielder-Civil, has confirmed that the exes are engaged to be married for a second time.

Amy Winehouse Spends $32,000 On Christmas Decorations

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Wino’s putting together her own Winter Wonderland. Headline-grabbing jazz vocalist Amy Winehouse dropped over $32,000 on Christmas decorations this week. The singer spent six hours in London department store Selfridges loading up on trinkets to turn her London home into a Christmas palace, sources tell The Mirror. After store officials warned she could seriously injury…

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Robert Pattinson Inspires Amy Winehouse Vampire-Themed NYE Party

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Twilight Mania hits the Crackhouse……British singer Amy Winehouse has become such a big fan of actor Robert Pattinson, who plays vamp Edward Cullen in Twilight series, she is planning to throw a vampire-themed New Years Eve next month. “Amy thinks Robert is cool and loves the sexuality around vampires. She’s planning on having a huge…

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Amy Winehouse Nose Job January 2010: “She Wants It Smaller”

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Inspired by her newly inflated boobs and lips, Amy Winehouse has scheduled rhinoplasty surgery to reshape her famous snout early next year. “She wants her nose made smaller to fit with her small face as she hates the fact her nose is so big and she doesn’t like the shape,” a friend close to the…

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Amy Winehouse Hospitalized For Leaky Breast Implants

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Wino’s rack has sprung a leak. Amy Winehouse was hospitalized for three days earlier this week because her recently-purchased breast implants “leaked,” according to the singer’s father.

Amy Winehouse Barbie Doll

Amy Winehouse Doll 1

Amy Winehouse has launched in a bid to become the next Barbie. The Grammy-winning star, who recently cleaned-up her act and invested in a new set of chest muscles, is courting toy giant Mattel is hopes of having a doll created in her likeness. Amy has been keeping busy sketching designs for the toy which…

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Amy Winehouse Butt Implants

Amy Winehouse

Has Amy Winehouse signed up for a “bum deal?” According to new reports, the troubled singer is so pleased with her new 32D boobs that she is thinking of having them enlarged again. Not only that, Amy’s also considering purchasing butt implants! A source told The Sun: “Amy loves her boobs. She can’t stop touching…

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