Amanda Bynes Tweets That Her Dad Used To Molest Her Growing Up


Alright, wasn’t expecting this AT ALL. Amanda Bynes dropped a huge bombshell on Twitter this morning, confessing to the world that she was molested by her father growing up. These past few years have been really bad for Amanda. We witnessed quite a bit of  abnormal behavior from the 29-year-old and her numerous brushes with the law.…

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Amanda Bynes Placed Under Temporary Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes Conservatorship

Amanda Bynes and Britney Spears now have more in common than just their days as TV child stars: On Friday, a California judge granted temporary conservatorship over Bynes’ affairs to her mother.

Amanda Bynes parents file for conservatorship


Not sure why this took so long but we have learned that Amanda Bynes parents have filed for conservatorship of their troubled daughter. Bynes, who has been spinning out of control for months now, is currently being held by authorities on a 5150 psychiatric hold. The hold was placed earlier this week after she started…

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