Cassie Nude Photos

Cassie Pulls “A Miley…”

R&B beauty Cassie — in the news most recently for shaving one side of her head — joins Miss California Carrie Prejean as the latest celebrity to have NC-17-rated snaps of her pierced lady parts plastered all over the Web, thanks to an elusive Internet hacker.

Click Here For A Peek At The NSFW Images And Cassie’s Biting Response To The Scandal…..

Jesus Christmas! What are these people thinking?! Do they honestly not know that these things always come out somehow? But on the other hand, considering that Cassie hasn’t had a hit single since the Summer of 2005 brought us the toneless banger “Me & U,” would anyone be surprised if this turns out to be an elaborate publicity stunt just to get us talking about her again?

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