Cassie Blames Gmail For Nude Photo Leak

Cassie is blaming e-mail carrier Gmail for the leak of several nude images of her that leaked to the Internet last month.

After images of Cassie exposing her breasts and catbag hit the web last month, she quickly released a statement saying the pictures had been stolen from her email account, labeling the person behind the leak “foul and evil.”

Over the weekend, the “Me & U” singer appeared on Los Angeles’ KIIS-FM, where she blasted Gmail – the web email company owned by search engine giant Google.

“It was a year ago I took the pictures and sent them. I don’t even have the pictures anymore, so that was the crazy part about it. I got a phone call about 11 at night and my stomach fell. I freaked out for a second and then, what can you do when that happens,” Cassie told radio personality JoJo Wright. “It’s being somewhat investigated. But I think we’re closer to finding out who it was.”

“I wasn’t sure what the situation was until we asked more questions and found out more things, but it was in an old email from like last year that I had. Actually it was GMail and sometimes GMail is the worst….” she explained.

The First Lady of Bad Boy Records also confirmed that the pictures were originally snapped for a former lover. “A lot of people take pictures like that for their significant other and that’s what it was for me, I had sent them to someone. Now I’ve learned not to use an email to send a picture obviously.”

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