Casper Smart, Jennifer Lopez Still Together Despite Transsexual Sexting Scandal

Jennifer Lopez breathes new life into Tammy Wynnette’s declaration to “Stand by Your Man.”

Yeah, not necessarily a good thing.

In light of rumors that her boytoy BF, Casper Smart, has been caught sexting (and sexing) at least two transgender models, Jennifer still hasn’t dumped the dancer she’s been dating for nearly three years.

The “Jenny From the Block” singer and American Idol judge had been busy planning a fair community concert in the Bronx neighborhood where she grew up when reports began to surface romantically linking Casper to Xristina Marie — a sexy pinup packing more than the pouty lips and “Resting Bitch Face” unique only to catwalkers. Celebrity snitches told (We know, we know…) that “the couple met in Miami” and “Smart was 100% aware she was transsexual.”

Pop-lockin’ and two-steps come more naturally to Mr. Smart than discretion: We hear Casper’s been publicly panting over Xristina’s raunchy Instagram images, leaving incriminating virtual footprints in his wake.

Eyebrows were raised after the backup dancer, 27, allegedly wrote, “I need something good,” on a cheek-bearing snapshot of Xristina’s cakes. Now comes reports that Casper enjoyed a fling with another transsexual bikini model; this one calls herself Sofie Vissa and it takes little more than a passing glance to spot the striking resemblance between the professional selfie-snapper and JLo, 44.

No offense, JLo.

It was an unidentified “friend” of Sofie’s (Isn’t it always a “friend”?) who spilled the tea on the secret romance:

“My girl said she had seen him a few times and he picked her up in his big truck. I didn’t believe it so I asked for a screen shot and there they are. I guess my friend Sofie is fu*king Casper Smart.”

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