Casey Aldridge Car Accident

Casey Aldridge, the father of Jamie Lynn Spears’ 10-month-old daughter, Maddie, has been hospitalized following a serious single-car accident in Louisiana this weekend, PEOPLE has confirmed.

Casey had been driving a 2008 Ford F-250 and had four young male passengers in the car. According to a spokesperson for the Louisiana State Police, while traveling on the LA 606 freeway at approximately 1:30AM on Sunday, Casey lost control of the vehicle and ran off the right side of the road into a ditch. He over-corrected when he swung the car back onto the road, causing it to roll over at least once. Casey and two of his passengers were ejected from the truck.

The 19-year-old has been rushed to a Jackson, Mississippi hospital with a suspected blood clot on the brain.

A friend of Aldridge’s reportedly broke his collarbone in the accident.

Casey was ticketed with careless operation of a motor vehicle, a traffic misdemeanor, following the accident.

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