Carnie Wilson Fired From “The Newlywed Game;” Files Suit Against GSN For Unpaid Wages

Oh snap! We’re getting additional details about the recent split between former Newlywed Game host Carnie Wilson and the Game Show Network. Despite issuing a statement to fans announcing her departure from the newest incarnation of the classic quiz series, National Enquirer spies snitch that the Wilson Phillips songstress was actually fired from her post as host, sparking the beginning of a raging war over wages between the at times portly Wilson and the basic cable network.

On Thursday, Carnie sued Game Show Network seeking $277,500 in additional pay for her services on the GSN reality soap series, Carnie Wilson: Unstapled, a docu-soap focusing on Wilson’s lifelong pursuit of a slim waistline.

According to the complaint, Wilson was set to receive $120,000 for six weeks of episodes that would be filmed four days a week for six hours a day (a total of 24 days). The show ended up taking much longer, she says, requiring 53 days of shooting, much longer hours, and no extra dough.

“Accordingly, at the rate of $5,000 per day, which is the daily rate of said contract, Defendant GSN owes to (Wilson) the additional amount of $277,500 with legal interest thereon from the final day of shooting,” the suit argues.

Although reps for the network have refused to comment, celebrity snoops tell The Enquirer that as host of The Newlywed Game “Carnie wasn’t cracking up the audience the way the producers hoped. The contestants are screened for their laugh potential, and it’s the host’s job to keep everyone in stitches. Carnie was missing the mark.”

The source adds: “Carnie’s ratings were OK, but now the brass wants more.”

We hear Carnie took news of her dumping “hard.” As it turns out, the “Hold On” hitmaker has financial woes that simply refuse to budge.

“The last thing she needed was to lose the game show gig.”

So who is the Game Show Network eying as Carnie’s potential replacement?

The View resident noodle noggin Sherri Shepherd and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader? host Jeff Foxworthy.

“Sherri Shepherd is their first choice because of her huge appeal on The View.”

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