Are you going to get divorced because of your career?


When you were planning your future career in college, were you concerned about whether it would land you in divorce court? It probably never crossed your mind. After all, what does work have to do with your personal relationships anyway? As it turns out, there may be a statistical correlation between what kind of job you have and whether you will end up getting divorced.

Massage therapists, dancers and choreographers, bartenders, and other trade school jobs have the highest rate of divorce among professions surveyed. Could be because of the physical strain and long hours, or it could be a statistical anomaly. No one really knows for sure.

On the other end of the spectrum, Optometrists have the lowest rate of divorce, even more so than clergy. Sales Engineers, Podiatrists, and Nuclear Engineers round out the least-divorced list, though again there’s no evidence the job itself has anything to do with it.

Career choices notwithstanding, there are plenty of ways to divorce-proof your marriage. Dating more than 3 years before getting married and having a big wedding correlate with not getting divorced, but actually spending time on your relationship is likely to be more beneficial.

Watching movies together, sharing the chore load, and hanging out with other married couples can help to strengthen your relationship. Any job can lead to divorce if you let it- you have to work to make your marriage last.

Learn more about how your career might impact your marriage from this infographic. You might be surprised to find your job on the list!

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