Cap’n Crunch’s Crunch Berries Lawsuit


Hey guys, did you hear about the woman who filed a lawsuit because she was angry that the “Crunch Berries” in Cap’n Crunch aren’t really fruit?

Janine Sugawara claims manufacturers duped into buying the cereal for four years by falsely presenting the “Crunch Berries” as an actual fruit.

SMH…I blame the American education system.

Last June, the Sacramento woman filed a class-action suit against Quaker’s parent company PepsiCo, seeking full restitution of all money gained through misleading labelling and a court order forcing Quaker to provide public notice of the true composition of Crunch Berries.

A judge dismissed the case on Thursday.

Somebody better tell Janet that the “Pebbles” in Flintstone’s Fruity Pebbles are a part of the four food groups either.

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