Candy Spelling–Tori Is Exploiting Her Children!


Just days after issuing a painful public plea to her daughter Tori, socialite Candy Spelling is changing her tune in the escalating war of words between the two women.

“It hurts a lot,” Candy says in the new issue of OK! “She’s always playing the victim, but at 36 years old, I think it’s time not to play the victim anymore.”

In her new book, Mommywood, on sale now, Tori describes her mother as “disastrous” and calls their lifelong strained relationship as “intense and destructive.”

One of Candy’s biggest qualms with her estranged daughter is that she feels Tori is exploiting her children for her career. Tori, her husband Dean, and the couple’s two children, Liam, 2, and Stella, 10 mos. are featured on the Oxygen reality series, Tori & Dean.

“I certainly never took one of my kids and made them objects,” Candy counters. “It’s always like they’ve got them when it’s convenient for the press. They are objects that are being used for her press persona… My kids — although she says differently — had a very normal life.”

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