Candy Spelling Blacklisted From Hollywood Events Over Feud With Tori

If Candy Spelling wants to keep her spot on the guest lists of all of Hollywood’s biggest B-List bashes, she’d better put the kibosh on biting remarks she been spewing about her estranged daughter.


Candy’s well-documented feud with her daughter, actress Tori Spelling, 35, has become too much for her pals on the Hollywood scene, The Globe’s Loosch Lips Column reports. The tabloid claims Candy was recently dropped from a number of Hollywood guest lists by wealthy bigwigs who are put off over the widow’s bitter treatment of Tori.

These days, Candy’s lucky if she can convince someone to do lunch with her, blabs a tipster, who spotted Candy dining alone at the Orso Restaurant in Los Angeles last week.

“Hardly anyone said hello, even though the room was filled with folks she knew. She’s not so well-liked anymore, and I think it’s due to all the nasty stuff she’s been saying about Tori and her family,” the source tattles. “You’d think by now she’d learn to keep her mouth shut.”

Never one to mince words, the socialite has attracted headlines in recent months with an ongoing war of words with Tori. Candy has no relationship with Tori’s two children, but famously blasted the reality star for allowing the toddlers to appear on the Oxygen reality series Tori & Dean in an open letter to a celebrity gossip website. Last spring, the sixty-something appeared on a morning radio program, where she blamed her daughter for the death of her husband, legendary television producer Aaron Spelling, in 2006.

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