Cam Newton Takes A Stab At Tom Brady With Deflated Football Joke During Training Camp [Watch]


Cam Newton is clearly not a fan of Tom Brady and what happened with the New England Patriots last year. Either that or he was just having a bit of fun at training camp and perhaps wanted to get his attention.

It’s a fairly harmless joke since many others have done so already, but it is one of the only times when a fellow quarterback has taken a jab at the Super Bowl winner.

However, Brady could take the comment personally and want to take revenge on the Panthers quarterback for his words. Luckily for Newton though, the Panthers and Patriots will not be meeting during the NFL’s regular season in 2015.

Cam Newton said during the video, “What is that, Tom Brady?” after getting ready to throw the football and feeling that it was a bit underinflated. The video was posted on Vine by Bud Elliot of SB Nation.

It was taken on Friday afternoon during the QB Skills Challenge prior to the 7v7 National Championship tournament at IMG Academy. As Newton cracked the joke, laughs can be heard and plenty of people will certainly see it as a great joke.

The deflategate scandal was a big deal during the end of the NFL post-season and the off-season, and while a lot of people saw it as a silly situation that shouldn’t have changed anything, it did result in Tom Brady’s suspension for the first four games, a decision that he is currently appealing.

The Carolina Panthers have been through a lot over the past few years with Cam Newton, who has had an up and down career with injuries and hopefully they can advance further in the post-season in 2015.

Cam Newton received a big contract since the end of the 2014 season and he is clearly the piece of the Panthers’ team that they want to keep around for a while. After bringing in Michael Oher and some picks from the draft, the Panthers should be able to protect Newton better than in previous years.

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