Cam Newton, Carolina Panthers Closing In On Mega $100 Million, Long-Term Contract

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

Cam Newton is the most important part of the Carolina Panthers and they are making sure that he and all of the Panthers’ fans know it. The contract that was made during his rookie season is finally up and with his new contract, it is clear that he will not be going anywhere for a long time.

Newton has had his struggles as a quarterback for the Carolina Panthers, but primarily due to injuries and the lack of a consistent set of receivers to throw to, causing him to take the team on his back in some cases.

He has been one of the most popular players in the league since leaving Auburn and has consistently been one of the most fun players to watch in a new generation of quarterbacks that seem to enjoy rushing as much as passing. Although he has not led them as far as they might like, Newton got the Panthers to the playoffs on multiple occasions for the first time in several years.

Cam Newton is reportedly nearing a new contract deal with the Carolina Panthers that is worth more than $100 million and would last for five years. The Panthers are constantly trying to build the team around him with newly signed tackle Michael Oher and other draft picks and it is clear that he is a valued member of the team.

He has been the starting quarterback for the Panthers since being selected with the first overall pick in the 2011 NFL draft. He is 30-31-1 throughout his career, but the numbers may be a little deceiving since he is getting better each year and certainly has the talent to take them far.

Newton has also been selected to the Pro Bowl in 2011 and 2013 and without last year’s disappointing season, he would have likely added some more quality statistics to his career.

Unfortunately, Cam Newton has been dealing with various injuries throughout his career, but with some better protection on the offensive line, the Panthers could have what it takes to go far in the playoffs in 2015.

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