Burly “Teen Mom” Star Gary Shirley Arrested

Another argument between brawlin’ Teen Mom twosome Gary Shirley and Amber Portwood led to Shirley’s arrest overnight. Only a few weeks after being awarded custody of his two-year-old toddler by being deemed “a more suitable parent” than his on/off girlfriend, Shirley, 24, was charged with driving on a suspended licence, after being approached by a police officer who overheard him arguing loudly with Portwood as he sped around their Indiana hometown in his silver Dodge.

According to a police report, Amber got out of the car at one point and walked towards an apartment building, still screaming Shirley. Once the policeman approached the couple to see if everything was ok, Portwood insisted they were “fine,” but the officer requested their identification anyway. It was then that Gary jumped in and told him that he and Portwood are featured on the MTV reality show. Yeah — that proved real helpful when the officer discovered that Shirley’s Indiana licence was suspended.

The officer was apparently threatened by Gary’s large frame; the stout dad tips the scales at approximately 300 pounds.

“I placed Mr. Shirley in two sets of handcuffs due to his size.”

Shirley was released Wednesday on $3,000 bail, after posing for two mugshots. Attroney Jeff Lockwood, who represents Gary, believes that the incident is merely a traffic violation that will result in little to no jail time.

“I am not concerned about him being sentenced to a jail term. It’s a traffic violation and Gary doesn’t have a previous criminal history,” Jeff Lockwood told TMZ. “We hope we can resolve the license issue so this won’t happen again.”

Earlier this month, a judge awarded custody of Gary and Amber’s two-year-old daughter, Leah, to Shirley after a spite of vandalism to Portwood’s home and car last month led to concerns about the child’s living conditions. Portwood, 20, is also facing felony assault charges for physically attacking Shirley during a broadcast of Teen Mom that sparked controversy last fall. Child Protective Services recommended that Shirley have primary custody of the little girl until further notice.

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