Buildings In Ireland Light Up Orange On World Suicide Prevention Day—Here’s How You Can Get Involved

Today, Sept. 10,  2015, is the 13th year of World Suicide Prevention Day, a day that is remembered around the world as a way to call attention to victims of suicide and to prevent more instances of suicide. This year is especially focused on support, and it is also RUOK? Day in Australia, a day dedicated to supporting loved ones and initiating conversation about self-harm and depression.

As the world prepares for discussions about suicide prevention, ways to raise awareness, and methods to support our loved ones and ward against self-harm and suicide, Ireland is going one step further, by lighting major buildings in the country a fiery orange. It’s a simple yet effective way to place World Suicide Prevention Day at the forefront of their citizens’ minds.

A slew of national landmarks in Ireland are set to blaze orange tonight. These buildings and landmarks include Trinity College and Croke Park both in Dublin, Cork City Hall, Kilkenny Castle, and Belfast City Hall. The initiative was organized by Cycle Against Suicide, an organization affiliated with Events Against Suicide.

In addition to these buildings “going orange,” citizens and residents are joining the effort by switching on orange-colored light bulbs in their homes and at windows, to show support and solidarity, and to raise even more awareness about this issue.

But that’s not all. Across Ireland, city and town halls are organizing events to raise even more awareness of this issue, and they’ve coined hashtags like “#LetsGoOrange” and “#BreakTheCycle,” along with supportive taglines such as “It’s OK not to feel OK” and “It’s absolutely OK to ask for help.”

Social media is joining in, as these campaigns and events are encouraging everyone to #GoOrange by posting about these events, wearing orange and taking selfies, and using the hashtag. It may seem like a silly endeavor, but social media is still the most effective way to spread the word, and with an issue as imperative as suicide prevention, every little bit helps. After all, most of us check the trending tabs on Twitter and Instagram several times daily, and if “#LetsGoOrange” is trending, even more people will be aware of the importance of today, and the enormity of the issue so many people face on a daily basis.

Ireland definitely has the right idea, and it’s one we can all take a lead from. Today, use those hashtags and call attention to World Suicide Prevention Day, in any way you can, big or small. Be mindful of the struggles and demons of others, and take the time to ask, “Are you okay?” Often, the small things can make the most difference.

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