Bubbles The Chimp Hasn’t Received Allotted Inheritance From Michael Jackson

Bubbles the Chimp has yet to see a penny of the money left to him by his famous former owner, Michael Jackson, according to British tabloid reports.


Bubbles, then two, was adopted from a Texan cancer research center n 1985. Michael and Bubbles were often photographed together. Bubbles accompanied the star on his 1987 Bad World Tour , and even bit the finger of a young Rashida Jones — which makes him pretty cool, if you ask me. But when the chimp became too difficult to care for, Michael passed him on to animal trainer Bob Dunne.

London’s Daily Mirror claims the King of Pop bequeathe nearly $1 million to his once beloved pet to ensure he would have a “secure long-term future.” Unfortunately, Bubbles, now 26, hasn’t seen any of it — and Dunne isn’t holding out much hope that Bubbles will ever receive his inheritance.

“We’ve heard nothing. I’m not sure we will either. He’s frozen out,” said the trainer. “Michael will turn in his grave if Bubbles’s future is not financially secure.”

Bubbles now lives in an animal sanctuary in Florida.

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