Bruce Jenner Nears Surgery; Feels Lonely

Former Olympian Bruce Jenner is nearing his male-to-female transition surgery and has revealed that in the meantime, he is feeling quite lonely. Poor fella!

He is gearing up to appear on a reality TV docu-series chronicling his transition, but has no partner of whom to share the process. Since announcing to his family his intentions to become a woman, he is feeling that much more separated from them.

When speaking to his step-daughter Kourtney Kardashian in a clip to promote the tenth season of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, he said, “Sometimes I feel so separated you know? The Kardashians over here, the Jenners over there, little me in the middle. We’ve got to keep the family going.”

Despite all that’s going on with their family in the public eye, Jenner is still enjoying his time at his Malibu pad. He said, “Living by myself out in Malibu has been really good. I kind of have my freedom, I’ve got a whole house to myself. The tough part comes when sometimes, you know, you get pretty lonely.”

The entire Kardashian and Jenner clans are standing behind Bruce Jenner while he transitions from man to woman. A source previously said, “Bruce told them everything – where things stood, what his plans were for the future, and what everyone could expect. Everyone basically knew what was up, but it was still a shock to hear it outlined so explicitly. They all came all around pretty quickly, but each of them had to process it in their own way. Kim went to Kris and asked her how she felt. They had a very long conversation about it. Once Kim was satisfied that Kris was emotionally okay, she was able to give Bruce her unconditional support.”

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