Brooke Shields MORE Magazine May 2009 — “I Hate My Wrinkles”


Don’t let the pretty face fool you, Brooke Shields would give her left arm to have the “face she had a decade ago.” In a revealing new interview in the May issue of MORE Magazine, the still very beautiful Brooke Shields – who turns 44 next month – says her age is making it hard for her to land roles in Hollywood and modeling.

“I’m proud of my longevity more than anything else,” she says. “There’s a lot to be said for endurance. I’m trying to find the beauty in the whole picture rather than the crow’s feet. Sure, I wish I had the face I had a decade ago, but I don’t. People say, ‘I love my wrinkles.’ I don’t love my wrinkles – come on!”
At 14, Brooke became the youngest fashion model ever to appear on the cover of Vogue.

“For years, I’ve been the youngest person on the set, and it occurred to me recently that I wasn’t 26!” she tells May’s More. “I’d read a script and say, ‘Oh, that’s a great character, that’s something I’d love to do.’ And they’d say, ‘Um, no, we’re thinking of you for the mother.’ And then I’d say, ‘Oh, of course! Of course! I knew that.'”

“There aren’t a lot of movies out there for my age,” Brooke pouts. “They’re still stopping at the mid-30s. Then you’re Diane Keaton or Glenn Close.”

The actress even implies that her NBC comedy Lipstick Jungle was booted from the network earlier this year due to ageism. Brooke sent NBC Entertainment honcho Ben Silverman an e-mail asking, “What the (heck)?” after hearing about the cancellation.

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