Brooke Mueller Pneumonia

Brooke Mueller, the wife of Two And Half Men actor Charlie Sheen, is battling a case of pneumonia after being rushed to an Los Angeles hospital Tuesday night with a fever of 105-degrees, according to her mother Moira Fiore. Mueller, who is being treated with antibiotics in the Intensive Care Unit, has pneumonia in both lungs and her kidneys are filled with infection, Fiore says.

“I talked to her doctor, and they are filling Brooke with antibiotics,” Brooke’s worried mom told PEOPLE late Wednesday. “She waited too long to get her impacted wisdom tooth removed and the infection has spread all over. It is in her bloodstream.”

Fiore says Charlie has been visiting Brooke at the hospital, although the actor is technically barred from contacting his wife per a court order issued last month. Sheen was arrested for assault in Aspen on Christmas Day. Mueller claims her attacked and choked her at knifepoint. The couple has 9-month-old twin sons, Bob and Charlie.

Best wishes to Brooke…..

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