Brook Lopez Becomes First Nets Player To Record 25 Points And 4 Blocks In Consecutive Games


Brook Lopez has been an integral part of the Brooklyn Nets since joining the team, and although they have not made it too far yet, he has helped them to some playoff wins.

Last night, he became the first member of the Brooklyn Nets to achieve the statistic of 25 points and 4 blocks in consecutive games. Of course, the Nets do not have the greatest track record of NBA teams in recent years especially, but they have had some good players over the years including Julius Erving and Jason Kidd.

Lopez is the starting center for the Nets, and in the 123-111 win over the Indiana Pacers, he scored 26 points and blocked four shots. It might seem like a Hall Of Famer like Alonzo Mourning or Julius Erving should have reached this feat already, but somehow Lopez was the first to do it.

The impressive stat has only been achieved by one other player this year, that player of course being Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Pelicans. Davis is certainly making a name for himself this season and is trying to get his Pelicans into the playoffs while currently in 9th place.

In addition to the 26 points and 4 blocks, he also had 4 rebounds and one turnover, but what sticks out most are the points and blocks. In the previous game, he helped the Nets to a 129-127 triple overtime victory over the Milwaukee Bucks, and he had 32 points, 18 rebounds, two assists, five blocks, but he had the 25 points and 4 blocks before the end of regulation.

After beating the Pacers and Bucks, two playoff contenders, the Brooklyn Nets will continue their pursuit of the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. They are currently in 10th place in the conference but are in a vicious battle for the final few spots thanks to the current 6-game losing streak  by the Bucks.

Brook Lopez and the Nets will host the Celtics today in an important game for both teams as the Celtics are currently in 9th place.

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