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Brokeback Utah


/images/placeholder.gifYou may not know this guy – prolly cause his team has sucked the last few years – but this is Larry Miller.
Everyone, Larry. Larry, everyone.
Larry owns the Utah Jazz – and, well, half of Utah – and as a former Utahn I can say in all honestly that he’s an important, almost revered part of the community, unfortunately. And in typical Utah fashion, Larry has caved to local conservative views and pulled “Brokeback Mountain” from his Salt Lake City multiplex theatre. You know, that movie where Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal GET IT ON.

Now listen, I know Utah has a reputation for a conservative, stick-up-your ass state (i.e. Orrin Hatch) but having lived on the other side of the chastity belt, I know otherwise. Known as “little San Francisco,” Salt Lake City has a surprisingly large gay and lesbian community, and I myself have been hit on by very nice transexuals in surprising places. The city has a HUGE gay pride parade every year, which the city hates of course, and in 2004 Utah hosted the national PFLAG conference (see my story in the Salt Lake City Weekly about the conference). My point is, they’re EVERYWHERE in SLC. And the city is rocking because of it. (Check out Sound and the Trap. Good clean gay fun to be had by all!)

So why pull a movie about gays in an area with a strong gay community?
Utahn gay rights advocat Mike Thompson has this to say, “It’s just a shame that such a beautiful and award-winning film, with so much buzz about it, is not being made available to a broad Utah audience because of personal bias.”

All Larry Miller needs is a little back door lovin. In the meantime, Utah has other celebs to be proud of like Rosanne Barr and that Jeapordy guy Ken Jennings. Both of whom would love to watch Heath Ledger and Jake Gyllenhaal GET IT ON.


Not one decent photograph of Matthew McConaughey’s abs!!!

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