MTV Brody Jenner “Bromance” Reality Show Fall 2008

A bit more tomfoolery is on its way to MTV. MTV has picked up six episodes of Brody Jenner’s ridiculous new reality series, Bromance, scheduled to premiere on the network this Fall. Sounding oddly comparable to Paris Hilton’s cheesy BFF search, also set for a Fall 2008 MTV season premiere, Bromance will feature a group of Average Joes who come to Hollywood and compete in a series of draining challenges, like skydiving, all in hopes of becoming best buds with Lauren Conrad’s ex.

“Bros” who can’t cut the mustard will be ousted from the “bachelor pad” during weekly “Hot Tub Elimination Ceremonies.” Consistent ass kissers/contestants are rewarded with the prospect of “group dates” and “alone time” with Brody.

“‘Bromance’ takes a successful TV format and turns it on its head,” says MTV senior vp series development Liz Gateley. “Brody is the perfect fit for this concept; he is the type of guy everyone wants to hang out with.”

Driving the show’s Douche Factor up to a Perfect Ten, there have even been whispers that Brody’s on-again/off-again “Bro” Spencer Pratt could land a starring role on the series. (We Shudder At The Thought.):

“Spencer has been calling and texting for a long time, begging to make up, but Brody was just blowing him off,” a E! insider says. “Spencer was relentless.” But now the two are “on okay terms” and it looks like it’s “possible Spencer could appear on [Brody’s] show.”

Will you check out Bromance on MTV this Fall?

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