Brittney Griner says Baylor coach told her to “hide her sexuality”


The top WNBA prospect, Brittney Griner, has dropped a bombshell to ESPN.

Griner claims that while being recruited to play basketball for Baylor, coach Kim Mulkey asked her to conceal the fact that she was gay and claimed that not doing so might jeopardize recruitment for the team. “It was more of a unwritten law [to not discuss your sexuality] … it was just kind of, like, one of those things, you know, just don’t do it,” Griner said Friday. “They kind of tried to make it, like, ‘Why put your business out on the street like that?”

Griner went onto say during the interview with ESPN that, “I told Coach [Mulkey] when she was recruiting me. I was like, ‘I’m gay. I hope that’s not a problem,’ and she told me that it wasn’t,” Griner said. “I mean, my teammates knew, obviously they all knew. Everybody knew about it.”

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