Brittany Murphy Leak Investigation

Speaking of Brittany Murphy: The Los Angeles County Coroner Office are looking into how details of how an investigator’s report on the actress’ death was leaked to

Brittany Murphy — who appeared in Happy Feet and Girl Interrupted — died after suffering cardiac arrest Sunday. She was 32.

Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter says he doesn’t know how the AOL-owned celebrity-centered website obtained a confidential report that included a trove of info on the final day of the 32-year-old star’s life; including the desperate attempt by her mother and husband to save her life. TMZ’s report stated the investigator, who is only identified by last name, noted numerous bottles of prescription medications were found in Murphy’s name at the Hollywood Hills home where she collapsed Sunday.

Winter says coroner’s officials are looking into whether Murphy’s death was due to natural causes, but also want to see the results of toxicology and tissue testing. The coroner’s says he can’t confirm details about the TMZ report because he has not yet seen the form that lists the medications taken from the star’s home.

The site has refused to comment on how it obtained the report.

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