Brittany Murphy 911 Call Released

A 911 call released Friday reveals the frantic efforts by Brittany Murphy’s mother and husband to save the actress’ life on the morning she died.

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Murphy’s mother, Sharon, is heard crying and telling a fire dispatcher that the actress wasn’t breathing.

“My daughter is passed out…please get here quickly…please hurry!” Sharon frantically told a 911 operator.

The dispatcher then asks if Brittany is breathing, to which Sharon screams, “No, no!”

The operator instructs the actress’ mother to begin CPR. Sharon explains that her daughter vomited, saying, “She just threw up tons of stuff, tons and tons of water.”

Sharon and the actress’ husband, Simon Monjack, can be heard attempting to check if the 32-year-old actress is breathing. Monjack is then heard performing CPR while Sharon stays on the phone with the 911 operator.

The distraught mom can also be heard pleading with Brittany to “please come back.”

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