Britney Spears Twitter Hacked

Unless Britney Spears has developed a penchant for devi worship, the pop tart’s Twitter account has been hijacked by some very mischievous Tweeters — for the second time this year.

A pair of messages purporting that Britney has joined the “Dark Side” were posted to the singer’s account on Thursday.

Britney Spears Twitter Hacked

“I give myself to Lucifer every day for it to arrive as quickly as possible. Glory to Satan,” reads one message.

A second read: “I hope that the new world order will arive as soon as possible! -Britney.”A while later, another message was posted.

“Britney’s twitter account was just hacked,” this one said. “The situation has been resolved and we apologize for any offense the hacker’s messages caused.”

The Tweets have still yet to be removed.

Britney is currently touring Australia, where she has caused controversy by miming through recent gigs.

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