Britney Spears Suicide Attempts, Ian Halperin Britney Spears Tell-All Claims

Britney Spears has attempted to kill herself twice, a new unauthorized biography about the singer claims.

Ian Halperin, the author of Stalking Britney: Under Siege with Britney Spears, says the singer demonstrated suicidal tendencies while he was investigating her from November 2006 until last month.

“I spoke with her many times and went to her house. I will say the suicide attempts are true. I know all the details about both of them,” I.H, who has also written tell-all books on Kurt Cobain and Celine Dion, told Life & Style Magazine. “I partied with her and was able to really monitor what type of stuff she was using. It’s very concerning.”

A second source confirmed the Spears suicide rumors, saying: “It really became an issue once Jayden was born and it became clear Britney’s marriage to Kevin was crumbling. That’s when she began to say things like ‘I wish I was dead’ or ‘It’d be better if I could go to sleep and never wake up’ on a regular basis.”

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